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Welcome to Trusted Psychics Canada Messenger

Trusted Psychics Canada is a premier psychic messenger service that offers customers an easy and convenient way to receive accurate readings online.

With its team of expert online psychics, Trusted Psychics Canada ensures that customers receive the best possible answers to their questions. Its online platform provides a reliable and secure way to connect with psychics with a proven track record of delivering accurate readings.

With Trusted Psychics Canada, you can be assured of the highest level of trust and excellence in psychic messenger services. With just your smartphone, you can connect immediately with highly rated psychics that specialize in various fields, including love and relationships, career, family, finance and more!

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Select the Trusted Psychic you’d like to speak to by clicking their profile below.

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Purchase your Minutes using our secure payment provider.

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Send a message to start your psychic reading. All conversations are confidential.

Readers Available on Psychic Messenger

What you think of us...

Trusted Psychics Messenger Customer Claire


"I love my weekly conversations with the readers on Trusted. My favourite reader is Charlie. She is so sweet and very accurate."

Trusted Psychics Messenger Customer Amy


"As a psychic, I can feel if a reader is a true psychic. Every reader on Messenger has a unique gift. They have helped me enormously in many areas of my life."

Trusted Psychics Messenger Customer Jenni


"I like speaking with Daisy, Jasmina and Theresa. They’ve all helped me in so many ways and have given me clear and direct answers to my questions."

Trusted Psychics Messenger Customer Alan


"After the divorce of my wife, I needed some direction with my love life. Trusted Psychics really helped me with this, their readers are very professional and friendly."

Trusted Psychics Messenger Customer Jarvis


"I call Trusted Psychics for direction and guidance. Their readers are outstanding, and I like that it is a really affordable service."

Trusted Psychics Messenger Customer Helen


"My favourite reader is Joe. He is so lovely and has given me so many accurate readings in the past. I thoroughly enjoy our readings together."

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